Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Birth of Scire Facias

It's fitting for the maiden post of Scire Facias to share, maybe what is/was probably my only shot at creative writing, after Accounting and after Grad School in Law the buzz word is KISSS.. Keep It Short & Simple Stupid... :P NO FRILLS, NO BUTS, NO IFs... Just make your point in the convo, short and simple.

Glimpse of an Angel was written 1997, as an english project. It's actually a real life story which goes like... boy meets girl (in National Bookstore), boy feels funny (first time he like girl), boy thinks she purty, boy lets her go thinking... she'll be here tomorrow, ill have the guts to ask her name tomorrow. Unfortunately that tomorrow never came, what came was the frustration vented out in this little piece.

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A Glimpse of an Angel
by: D Chan, J Gochangco [circa 1997]

Walking on this road of solitude
I realized I was walking my life through
And so looked around, that I did
And saw the world where I had lived
As I did I saw a sight not meant to be
A true sight of beauty that was she

With sight of gold, eyes of pearls
With lips of the reddest rose
With the voice if a thousand angels
Which melts the coldest cold
One man’s eyes would but widen and unfold

As I did stare cupid with his arrow came
And he let go with perfect steady aim
Fly arrow, fly straight, fly true
And in my heart a hole his arrow bore
And in that moment, that single point in time
Nothing else could be so fine
It was as if all heaven broke free

And a second seemed like a year, a year, eternity
I fought long and hard to resist her beauty and charm
But I could not for to lose sight of her would do me harm
I just stared and hoped she’d stay
And as did she glanced my way
All sound turned to silence as our eyes met
And then I knew my heart was set

For in her deep blue eyes one could see the universe
And in her sparkling gaze, heavens rays
A glimpse of her would make one swear
That she was nothing but love itself.

But alas, as I glanced time did pass
And all at once no longer was she there
Along with her my love and charm
With hair of silk and gold
One with the wind her hair had flowed
With a touch worth a thousand deaths
I think not I shall see such beauty ever again

But even so I see her without her being there
Her tender skin, those luscious lips, oh so fair
And sad and lonely this I feel
For she is but a dream and is unreal
Again in solitude there I be
For my heart aches and heaves to live in reality